The breeze carries a sweeter scent around this seaside hideaway ~ Welcome! I hope you'll come in and rest for a bit. On desktop, hover over the photos to view more.


05.15 ◌ Guestbook page completed
05.06 ◌ New index page completed
04.30 ◌ Back to working on the site!

About the site

Lighthearted is a personal website dedicated to things that soothe my heart and put a smile on my face. If my website was a place, it would be a small home in a seaside town where guests can always come over and feel comforted. The inspiration for the site name came from a song I was listening to

There isn't much at the moment because I'm still thinking about how I want to organize everything, but please do stop by again as I continue making it feel more like home ^^ Thank you so much for visiting!

About me

My name is Carolyn, or Lyn! I'm a student who likes finding joy in the mundane, being a hopeless romantic, going outside in the spring, wearing flowy dresses, and dreaming about a home by the sea. I'm a very introverted person offline and online, but I hope my website will be able to tell you a bit more about me.


The homepage was originally a profile layout designed for me by the kind and talented Lady Saxophone. I loved it so much that a few years later I asked to use the layout as a reference for my personal site.

Reworking the code to be a webpage and making a few other pages you'll soon see on here was done largely with the help of a dear friend. Lighthearted was started, and continues to be worked on, with inspiration and guidance from Adream who helped me rediscover my excitement for internet creativity ^_^

The photos used for this page are from one of my favorite movies, Kiki's Delivery Service, edited by eggpuffs.